ACS Doha International School

Complete Marketing and Communication Services

ACS Doha International School is part of ACS International Schools (which was founded in London in 1967 and established its first overseas school in Doha in 2011). Since opening in Qatar, ACS has become one of the best reputed international schools in the country. ACS Doha is co-educational, serves international and local communities in Qatar and enrolls students aged 3 to 15 years, including Grade 10 and 11 High School. It’s first Grade 12 class will open in 2015-16. ACS has three other schools based in London, including ACS Cobham, ACS Hillingdon and ACS Egham.


– Years 1 & 2 – Build brand awareness and drive admissions predominantly for the lower and middle school grades.
– Years 3 & 4 – Maintain brand awareness drive brand positioning, admissions and the expansion of the high school.
– Crisis communications during the issue that the school faced with its landlord.

Target Audience

– International families already located in Doha looking for an exceptional level of education.
– Parents, students, staff and entities already part of the ACS Doha Family (CRM).
– HR and relocation professionals.
– International families relocating to Doha.
– Government entities (SEC).
– Mass Market (Brand building activities).


  • ACS Doha International School is Qanect’s longest standing client.
  • Helped launch the school in 2011, managing all aspects of the school’s marketing and communications including social media and blogs, advertising, direct marketing, media planning and buying, design, collateral production, PR, event management, advocacy and lobbying.
  • Developed a full scale crisis communications plan for the school to mitigate reputational damage from the lease issue with its landlord. Specifically developed all communication and messaging for staff, students, parents, corporates, embassies, Government and the media.
  • Provided advocacy and lobbying support to organise meetings with high profile senior level corporate representatives and ambassadors to garner support for the school to avoid forced closure.


  • March 2011 – current


  • Helped to develop a strong international brand presence for ACS in Doha.
  • Ensured that the school was filled to capacity across the different Grades (in addition to waiting lists).
  • Ensured that the lease was renewed with minimal reputation damage to the school through a structured crisis communications plan.