Aspire Zone has Planned a Number of Fantastic Activities for the Local Community in April

Aspire Zone has Planned a Number of Fantastic Activities for the Local Community in April

As the leading sports and recreational hub in Qatar, Aspire Zone has organised a number of fantastic events and activities in April for children of all ages, their families and the wider community, as part of its ongoing mission to engage the whole local community. Aspire Zone remains dedicated to organising events that inspire people to get fit, stay active and live healthy, balanced lives, with prime examples being the fourth annual Aspire Torch Staircase Run and the inaugural Towerrunning World Championships which it successfully hosted in late March.

Aspire Zone has invited the whole community to come and watch the first edition of the Aspire Beach Volleyball Tournament on Friday, April 17 for ladies and Saturday, April 18, 2015 for men at the Sand Pitch at Aspire Zone. Aspire Zone has collaborated with the Qatar Volleyball Association to host this landmark event as it aims to diversify the sporting events that it has to offer the local community. The home grown crowd will watch 18 teams take part in this exciting two day event, as they vie for the title and the opportunity to be crowned the winner of the tournament.

In a bid to further engage all children in Qatar and to encourage them to bond with their peers, Aspire Zone has organised an exciting initiative for after school activities, My School in Aspire, with the first edition to take place on Thursday, April 23rd for children aged between 4-13 years old at Aspire Park.  For its first session, the event will be run in conjunction with the Umm-Salama Primary Independent School and each event will focus on hosting a number of schools from various different cultures from in and around Doha, as they visit Aspire Zone and take part in a combined entertainment and exercise programme. Aspire Zone will provide all of the necessary equipment for the programme and activities include theatre, sports, drawing and healthy awareness.

And to round out this month’s event and activities, Aspire Zone will host the final race of the fourth edition of the Aquathon Series on Friday, April 24th at the Hamad Aquatic Centre for the 500 M swim race and a 5 KM run around Aspire Zone with a shorter route for kids. The Aquathon Series consists of four races spread across several months and includes a swim and a run on a designated running track around Aspire Zone. This fantastic event is designed for children, aged eight years and over, and adults with varying abilities.

Meanwhile, Aspire Zone has a number of exciting ongoing activities that children and their families can also enjoy. Bicycles are available for hire every Sunday to Thursday from 4 PM – 8PM, and every Friday-Saturday between 12 PM – 8 PM. The bicycle circuit and cycle hire outlet are located behind the giant screen and children’s playground area near the Aspire outdoor football pitches.

Also, Aspire Train is now back at Aspire Zone which takes children and their families on a fantastic 20 minute tour around Aspire Zone. During the train tour, families will be able to see the various venues and locations around Aspire Zone. The train station is located between the Dome and Hamad Aquatic Centre and operates three days a week, from Monday to Wednesday between 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM.

And Aspire Zone has also organised daily pony rides at Aspire Park between 4 PM – 8 PM along with public pitches which include mini football, basketball and volleyball pitches which are open daily near Khalifa Stadium and the Aspire Park. In addition, members of the public can also host private birthdays at Aspire Park by calling 4413 6878 for all of the details.
Aspire Zone continues to be a hub for both children and their families as it promotes the ongoing benefits for those who adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. For more about events at Aspire Zone and to find out how you can take part, please visit