ACS Doha: A Dynamic IB World School Committed to Supporting Qatar’s National Vision 2030

ACS Doha: A Dynamic IB World School Committed to Supporting Qatar’s National Vision 2030

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ACS Doha, a leading international school in Qatar, committed to its long term vision of providing a dynamic educational experience to over 900 students in Doha, has recently renewed its lease for the next 4 years, with its landlord, Ezdan Holdings, at the school’s current site in Gharrafa. ACS is also continuing to progress its plans of developing a 2000+ student purpose built school that meets the requirements of the ACS IB curriculum and fulfills its long term vision for Doha.

As part of this long term vision, ACS Doha will introduce its first Grade 12 class in the next academic year, 2015-2016, in order to tackle capacity constraints faced by families at schools in Doha and enable seamless continuity of education for students at a single institution. Grade 12 students will complete the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, a premium entrance qualification to universities around the world. The IB Diploma Programme is recognised for its academic integrity, range and the high level of skills that each student must develop in order to succeed. ACS Doha’s first Grade 12 Class will graduate in May 2016.

In addition to the academic program, the ACS programme offers many support services to its students including a counselling programme for the Middle and High School students, in areas of career guidance and higher education.

Mr. Steve Calland-Scoble, Head of School at ACS Doha, said: “The introduction of our first Grade 12 Class represents a watershed in ACS Doha’s growth since we launched in 2011. This is another step in our development to support students in Doha with a high-quality academic experience to prepare them for the best colleges and universities worldwide. As well as learning through our academic curriculum, we recognise the vital role that counsellors play in providing targeted career guidance, university application and placements support to students. When this is matched with an individual resolve to succeed beyond the classroom it helps motivate our High School students to aim higher and achieve more. Through the ongoing conversations that are taking place with our new counsellors, I am confident that our Grade 12 students will also be inspired and challenged to reach their full potential, attend the university of their choice, and go on and live fulfilling and successful lives.”

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Mr Calland-Scoble added “I also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of our staff, parents, students and the wider ACS community in Doha, towards helping us build a legacy that we are all proud to be a part of.  We remain committed to making a significant contribution to the growth of Qatar through the development of a 2000+ student purpose-built school by 2019, which supports the human development aims of Qatar’s National Vision.”

In addition to the upcoming G12 expansion, ACS Doha’s current academic offering includes an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) programme, a Global/American Lower School programme, the IB Middle Years Programme (IBMYP), the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and a US High School Diploma.

In keeping with its international standards, what truly sets the ACS Doha educational experience apart is its approach of imparting rigorous academic education through a curriculum and instruction that are based upon respect for individual learning styles and an understanding of its diverse, international student population. The school has invested in training its 150 expert faculty and staff from over 60 countries to emphasise active learning and using a student-centred approach rather than a ‘one-size fits all’ method. To ensure that a well-balanced program is delivered within and outside the classroom, students are encouraged to participate in a range of co-curricular activities including various clubs to socialise, learn new skills, and co-create innovative projects. The school’s successful Coerver Coaching football partnership is an example of one such initiative.

ACS Doha is optimistic about achieving its long term vision for Doha and contributing to the aims of Qatar’s National Vision 2030. With the support of the ACS community, the school’s endeavours will continue to positively impact the overall security and quality of education in Qatar.

ACS was founded in London in 1967 and established its first overseas school in Doha in 2011. ACS has three other schools based in London, including ACS Cobham, ACS Hillingdon and ACS Egham. Since opening four years ago in Qatar, ACS has become one of the best reputed international schools in the country and aims to continue building upon its successes to date.