Shakespeare and Co. Renew Their Commitment to Supporting the Qatar Autism Centre and Donate 42,000 QR

Shakespeare and Co. Renew Their Commitment to Supporting the Qatar Autism Centre and Donate 42,000 QR

Shakespeare and Co., a popular restaurant and chocolatier in Doha, have renewed their commitment to supporting the Qatar Autism Centre by once again financially supporting three families that are affected by autism. The restaurant’s Dar Al Salaam Branch officially exchanged the cheque of 42,000 QR with the Qatar Autism Centre earlier this week, ahead of World Autism Awareness Day which will be observed on Thursday, April 2, 2015.

As part of Shakespeare and Co.’s donation, three children will be able to attend the centre on a full time basis and will be provided with all the tools needed to help develop their abilities and skills throughout the year.

In 2014, Shakespeare and Co. donated the same amount to the Qatar Autism Centre due to the restaurant’s unwavering commitment to give back to the local community and support causes that can really make a difference. The previous donation by Shakespeare and Co. was very helpful for the students and provided much needed support to the families.

Mr. Sami Azrak, CEO of Shakespeare and Co., said: “Shakespeare and Co. is committed to giving back to the community and we wanted to tackle an issue that we face in our own community. Last year’s donation meant a lot to both the Qatar Autism Centre and the three families, and we are delighted that we were able to contribute the same amount which will go towards supporting three more families.”
Mr. Thamer Khalid, CEO of the Qatar Autism Centre, added: “The Qatar Autism Centre is always working to improve the services, such as working with innovative equipment and programmes. Further, we are committed to creating awareness about autism and the different ways that families can work with their autistic children. And we advice that the earlier the child is given the correct diagnosis, the better it is for their intellectual abilities.”

Every year as part of World Autism Awareness Day, autism organisations around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness raising events. To mark the 8th edition of World Autism Awareness Day, the Qatar Autism Centre will have a stand at Gate 2 at Villaggio Shopping Mall on Thursday, April 2nd between 10 AM and 10 AM. The stand is designed to raise awareness and increase understanding about autism, to highlight the work that the Qatar Autism Centre does, and there will also be two experts from the Qatar Autism Centre at the stand throughout the day to answer all questions related to autism as well as flyers with detailed information.

The Qatar Autism Centre currently has 55 children, aged 3-14 years old, with 15 of these children being accompanied daily by their teachers to local mainstream schools.

Shakespeare and Co. will build on its successful contributions of last year by supporting local charities in 2015, and has confirmed that the restaurant’s Pearl Branch will also be supporting a charity. Such initiatives by Shakespeare and Co. reinforce their commitment towards the community and further highlights that the restaurant’s priorities are towards social and ethical standards.