Our goal is to increase tangible results for our client’s businesses
that can translate into measurable benefits for the brand

What we do?

With approximately 85% internet penetration in Qatar and their ability to bridge language and demographic barriers, social media and smart-phones have become a cost-effective, nonnegotiable aspect of communicating with customers today.

Rapidly evolving into a market leader for digital services, Qanect’s social media experts devise strategies, schedules, advertising and engagement plans for clients in order to build dedicated audiences for two way communications, help clients remain ahead of competition and manage their online brand reputation.

Our goal is to increase tangible results for our client’s businesses that can translate into measurable benefits for the brand.

Digital services provided by Qanect include:

  • social media management
  • social marketing
  • social media monitoring and reporting
  • online, digital reputation management
  • viral marketing
  • digital crisis management
  • e-marketing
  • web development and maintenance
  • digital content
  • SEO

Work Process

  • Brand Immersion

    Prior to developing a pitch proposal, we immerse ourselves into the client’s business in order to better understand the specifics of their industry; identify existing market gaps and potential opportunities and hence develop an informed proposal.

  • Pitch Proposal

    As part of our pitch process, we develop a top line strategic proposal and budget for the client’s business, including our initial marcomms recommendations for their business needs.

  • Strategy Development

    Once we are commissioned, we embed ourselves in the client’s team in order to become a real marketing asset to their business and further develop the fully integrated marcomms strategy.

  • Budgeting & Planning

    With a newly developed marcomms strategy approved by the client, we develop one or multiple action plans, with deliverables, budgets and timelines.

  • Campaign Development

    Prior to the actual execution, Qanect runs workshops and roundtables to pilot test the marketing recommendations we have made. Based on feedback, we develop the campaign concept, design/ collateral and determine media planning.

  • Implementation

    We deliver end to end project management to execute each step of the campaign and ensure that the implementation process is seamless for the client.

  • Monitoring & Amendments

    We monitor ongoing campaigns in order to ascertain existing successes and gaps and make amendments to improve results accordingly.

  • Reporting

    We regularly report results to the client through a monthly or quarterly reporting system. During crisis communications, we can even report daily, based on the urgency of the situation.