Marketing without design is lifeless,

and design without marketing is mute

What we do?

With in-house creative design, Qanect works with a broad based sector of clients to deliver refreshing, original design collateral that is created to communicate their brand in a unique, innovative, consistent and compelling way to consumers.

Our design services include:

  • collateral design including:
    – advertisements, newsletters
    – annual reports
    – brochures, flyers, banners
    – promotional items
    – backdrops, posters
    – 360 hospitality collaterals
    – point of sale merchandise
    – stationary
    – marketing tools
  • corporate branding
  • campaign creative
  • arabic adaptations
  • corporate documents and reports
  • digital, web design
  • merchandising, gifts

Work Process

  • Brand Immersion

    Prior to developing a pitch proposal, we immerse ourselves into the client’s business in order to better understand the specifics of their industry; identify existing market gaps and potential opportunities and hence develop an informed proposal.

  • Pitch Proposal

    As part of our pitch process, we develop a top line strategic proposal and budget for the client’s business, including our initial marcomms recommendations for their business needs.

  • Strategy Development

    Once we are commissioned, we embed ourselves in the client’s team in order to become a real marketing asset to their business and further develop the fully integrated marcomms strategy.

  • Budgeting & Planning

    With a newly developed marcomms strategy approved by the client, we develop one or multiple action plans, with deliverables, budgets and timelines.

  • Campaign Development

    Prior to the actual execution, Qanect runs workshops and roundtables to pilot test the marketing recommendations we have made. Based on feedback, we develop the campaign concept, design/ collateral and determine media planning.

  • Implementation

    We deliver end to end project management to execute each step of the campaign and ensure that the implementation process is seamless for the client.

  • Monitoring & Amendments

    We monitor ongoing campaigns in order to ascertain existing successes and gaps and make amendments to improve results accordingly.

  • Reporting

    We regularly report results to the client through a monthly or quarterly reporting system. During crisis communications, we can even report daily, based on the urgency of the situation.