Mariia Marchenko

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

One thing you should know about me:

“I never stop moving and learning”.

Favorite Quote

“Expect problems and eat them for breakfast”

Alfred A. Montapert

Mariia is the Sales & Marketing Coordinator responsible for business development, new projects and communications with new Qanect clients. She has worked for educational, metallurgical, construction and financial companies and NGOs covering events, marketing, public relations, reputational risk management, corporate communications and sales roles. 4 out of 7 years of Mariia’s experience were devoted to the corporate side of the business, hence she can easily identify expectations and meet the standards expected by Qanect’s clients.  Working for the service industry, Mariia has executed marketing projects in the hospitality sector as well as a diverse range of events such as art exhibitions, concerts, conferences, team buildings, corporate celebrations and sports events.

Phone Number:

+974 5019 2115